Lisbon flooded by MAAT Wave

British architect Amanda Levete conceived the project of what is now Lisbon’s new Art, Architecture and Technology Museum, MAAT. It occupies 4 thousand square metres of a total of 38 thousand that form a museum centre, along with Central Tejo, previously called Electricity Museum.

MAAT has arrived and with it the hope that, like the wave that forms its shape, a wave of new national and international artists may arrive, a museum that may become a second home for those who live in Lisbon and those who come to visit, as was announced at its opening, which Best Experience Lisbon attended, a museum open to society.

From October to December of 2016 MAAT offers six new exhibitions, but there is the promise of about 15 exhibitions per year. At Central Tejo, now remodelled, you can now see an exhibition about the pioneers of modern architecture, Charles and Ray Eames.


Oval Gallery MAAT

Fernando Guerra

MAAT Exterior

Hufton and Crow


At the new building, Dominique-Gonzalez-Foerster and the film makers Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Joaquim Sapinho present their new projects. Exhibitions, workshops, educational service for children, the programming is filled with good suggestions. Until March 2017, when all of MAAT’s spaces will be occupied, tickets have the cost of 5 euros, from then on tickets will cost 9 euros.

Best Experience Lisbon was there and the view from the “crest of the wave” is not to be missed. Its location could not be better: on the riverside, where you can see the bridge over the Tagus River, the Christ-King and at the back the Coach Museum, another recent inauguration in Lisbon, and the Cordoaria Nacional. By its side, the Central Tejo, a building that opened in 1905, and that over a century later is linked to this very modern building, making justice to its neighbour which was also disruptive in relation to the architecture of that time. In this Promenade by the Tagus River you will find a Lisbon of different periods, different generations, at a location that seems to have been created to include unique projects like MAAT.


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