Memorable nights at Lisbon’s Sabotage

Sabotage is a night club that promotes rock’n’roll in all its forms, from underground to alternative, from the oldies to the present. It’s a reference among night clubs in Cais do Sodré – nowadays the main spot of Lisbon’s “movida” – due to the quality of the music programming and drinks.

Time Out magazine chose Sabotage as one of the highlighted spots to listen to live music in Lisbon, placing it between the top 50 clubs for a night out in the capital.

The programming, stable and dynamic, goes by the hand of the resident DJ, David, as well as several guest DJs, but the big hits are the concerts. This room is equipped with an excellent PA System (which amplifies a signal, through a mixing console and loudspeakers) and a lighting system to welcome bands with a unique quality in order to transform concerts into memorable nights.

At the bar, the drink of choice is gin, with a thousand different variations.

To be proved the acknowledgement, by the public, the critics and peers are the partnerships with Festival Termómetro, by Fernando Alvim; and Festival Reverence Valada. The Festival Reverence Valada, where we were represented with one of the three stages, in the first edition, was chosen by Blitz as the public’s second favourite festival in 2014.

Another highlight was when Pop Dell’Arte, cult band both in Lisbon and on national level, chose Sabotage for the first concert of their 30 years tour.
The choice of the name Sabotage involves being against the system, having the will to subvert and renovate. This is the link in the path of two partners, José Maria and Ana Paula Flores, founders of former Sabotage and Zounds, companies dedicated to music through the representation and distribution of national and international labels in Portugal, recording national artists and producing events that, over the years, have revealed great musicians and bands to the Portuguese public, such as: Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Eric Mingus, Devendra Banhart, TV On The Radio, Lula Pena, Fantômas, The Mars Volta, Atlas Sound, John Fahey, The Desert Sessions, Black Mountain, Pink Mountain Tops, Deerhunter, Department of Eagles, Beirut, Cocorosie, The Gossip, amongst so many others. They were also responsible for the recording of bands such as Stealing Orchestra, Mandrágora, Kubik, Jorge Ferraz, Cooltrain Crew, The Great Lesbian Show and Anabela Duarte Digital Quartet. Finally, the other partner, Carlos Costa, was a founding member of Trem Azul, dedicated to jazz, from distribution to edition and event production.

Fun fact: the word “sabot” means clog, wooden shoes worn by working women during the French industrial revolution as a symbol of protest for the massive dismissal due to the increase of machinery in factories. These shoes were inserted in the machines in order to damage them. This is the origin of the famous word “sabotage”.

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